Friday, July 11, 2008

The Lemon-O Method of P*tty Training

So, Queen B is mostly potty trained.

We've had a few "incidents" that resulted
in some items getting wet that I would have
preferred remain dry, but....whatcha gonna do??

It was just yesterday morning that I learned the
proper name of our current potty training method.

Here's how it happened:

Me: Do you have to p*tty?

QB: No

Me: Are you sure?

QB: Yes.

Me: Don't p*tty your pants. You've got big girl pants on.

QB: I will do Lemon-O.

Me: What??

QB: I will just do Lemon-O.

Me: What is Lemon-O?

QB: You say, " If you have to go p*tty, Lemon-O."

Me: (talking to self, really thinking about the words.... I say "Lemon-O" ??...
....what in the WORLD is Lemon-O... when do I say "Lemon-O" ???
.....hhhmmmm..... [STOP]

So.... have you figured it out, or shall I explain??


Say it fast.

"If you have to go p*tty, Lemon-O."

"If you have to go p*tty, LEMONO."

"If you have to go p*tty, LEMME NO."


"If you have to go p*tty, LET ME KNOW."

Brilliant plan, Queen B. Simply brilliant.
We should market this method.



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but HOORAY for mostly P/T!!