Thursday, February 19, 2009

I *DO* miss you all so much, but ....

...but... life gets so demanding.

Yesterday I performed an ingrowntoenailectomy.
I'm not sure it was a success. This may require a
specialist, and about this matter I am miffed.

I recently vacuumed vomited hot dogs from my very
light carpet.
"Blotting", as the manufacturer suggests, just wouldn't
do the trick.
I won't drag you through the details of the hazardous waste
cleanup, but the area where the hotdog vomit once was is
now completely clean.

I then disassembled the Dyson and scoured
every washable part of the Dyson.

This required fabricating a contraption that would keep
17 feet of hose extended (without creases, where moisture
would sit and e-mold-ulate) until the drying was complete -
allowing an extra 3 days to be REALLY REALLY sure it was dry.

See? Busy.
But I still love you.
Really, I do.

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Anna said...

Your blog is hilarious! I found your blog from the Sonlight forums. What a treasure you are!!