Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I ' VE B E E N I N C O G N I T O

Which is, of course, a complete lie.

I don't even know where C O G N I T O is!

I have no excuses, other than life, for not blogging.

Though it was almost 2 weeks ago, I have to tell you
about this...

My children went trick-or-treating on halloween with
Mr. Amazing.

*I* was* ill. Feverish. Unable to go. Missed out.
This would have been my first year to make the rounds
with them instead of staying home and passing out candy.

Due to my untimely illness, Mr. Amazing was forced to play
Wicked Stepmother to Queen Bee's Cinderella.

We couldn't just completely bail on a Wicked Stepmother gig.
Not when QB was soooo counting on it.

He did a fabulous job. Wore the wig AND the dress.
Have you ever seen a Wicked Stepmother with a mustache?

Odds are, SOME of you have.

Much to Queen Bee's chagrin, we never did find anyone to play
Anastasia and Drizella, the Ugly Stepsisters.

Not that QB didn't try.
For weeks before halloween, she would ask people
(with great enthusiasm):

"How would YOU like to be my Ugly Stepsister?!?!"

Alas, she had no takers.
Not even the dog.

Poor Cinderella. :>)

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