Saturday, September 20, 2008

And another thing... and then one last thing

Another thing:

QB also informed me this morning that when the larm goes off from my key not working in the door of our car, it is called a mistake and that will make people frighten out from the horn blowing so loudish. So don't do that mistake.

Just, you know... so you know about that.

AND the last thing:

I pack snacks for QB to eat at preschool in little tupperware containers.
I try to always put a little piece of tape on the outside of the container that
says what's inside. My line of thinking is that it's easiest for the teacher to
tell her what's in each container, so she only has to open the one(s) that
QB seems interested in eating.

As I sat here writing the previous post, QB began putting stickers
all over one of these little plastic containers.
I absent-mindedly
(I'm on the computer, I can't pay attention to what she's doing right now LOL)
said "Don't put stickers all over that."

QB replied "I have to, so I know what's in there."

"Oh, " I said. "So, what's in there?"

QB smirked at me, maybe a little frustrated
at having to explain something that seems so obvious.

" Our Heavily Father."

"Oh" was all I could say. I'm just so pleased we have labels for that.

EDITED TO ADD: Lovely! The stickers on the container are Moto K's.
They are skateboard stickers. World Industries. Their logo is a little
devilish-looking guy with a pitchfork. Fabulous.

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