Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dried out now. Humbled, more organized, thankful, and dry.

Last weekend's rains were just crazy.

My car was also having some issues, so I wasn't out & about anyway.

I didn't realize until I saw pictures this week how bad it really was.

If you ever want to feel really incompetent,
avoid spending time in your basement unless absolutely
necessary, even if your bedroom and laundry room are down there.
Then you can take everything you don't know what to do with
and shove it down there.
You can do this repeatedly for months on end,

assuring yourself daily that
soon "things will calm down",

and THEN you'll get a complete handle on it.

(Diagnosis..... perfectionism, short attention span,
multi-task performance deficiency,
procrastinati..... I'll finish the list later, but you get the point.)

Later, when there's a stinkin' deluge, and
water seeps into your basement for days on end,

your inadequacy will come to light.

In fact, it will seem to you as though the mostest huge spotlight
(like the kind Crazy Eddie uses for his Midnight Madness sale)

has been shineded down right upon your pajama-clad, bed-headed self.

You'll be humiliated beyond belief.

You'll feel relieved when Mr. Amazing and Moto K -I mean YOUR FAMILY-
don't yell at you, but instead put their durable bodies, forgiving spirits,
and jump-to-it-ive-ness to work to bail (laugh, snort- literally BAIL) you out.

You'll wonder at how God created such a wonderful human being as
your mother-in-law, as she takes all of your laundry to wash, dry, and fold.

You'll feel really terrible for wondering how this awful thing
could have happened to you, once you realize that just down the ridge
there are families who
left their homes that first night,
and have no idea when they'll be allowed to return.

We're all fine, praise the Lord.

Sending up prayers for those who still wait to even get started on the
evaluation of damage done.

Hugs n' kisses (unless I don't even know you, and then.. ewww..)-

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