Monday, August 18, 2008

When coupon chicks say....

... "Don't touch my box!"

They are referring to the coupon box. It's sacred, you know.

... " I did Walgreens and Walmart, but not Target. Oh, and I
still need to go CVSing."

They mean that they have gleaned savings of huge proportions
by combining coupons and sales at the stores mentioned.

... " I need multiple inserts."

That chunky little booky-thingy of coupons that comes with the
Sunday paper is called an "insert" (since, you know, it's inserted
into the paper).

... "I NEVER can find a hang-tag, because I don't drink wine, so
I don't get cheap meat."

A "hang-tag" is, oddly enough , a tag-like thing that frequently
hangs around the neck of a bottle of wine, bringing opportunites
for free or discounted meat and other items to its bearer.

I don't want to overwhelm the uncouponly among us, so I'll stop there.

Besides, Mr. Amazing doesn't like it when I blog so late in the evening.
He thinks we need to spend time together.
Which is why I'll be on the lookout for a deal on scissors.
I think he'd enjoy having his very own pair.
Just think of the hours we could spend together.
He could clip, I could sort.
Ya think??? :>)

No? Why not??



Wendy said...


you're too much! TOO MUCH!

love ya, girly!

The Lopers said...

I am so with you on this one girl!