Monday, August 18, 2008

See, it's not just me.

I have less than 10 boxes of cereal on hand right now.
Toothpaste, soap, deodorant, and shampoo are plentiful.

If there's another weather crisis this month, do not fear.
I'll bring the toiletries.

Mr. Amazing was just commenting the other day, though,
how surprised he was that I haven't been doin' my deals
like I usually do.

True, true. We've eaten up the last of the Yogos.
We're down to our last pack of razors.....

I jokingly said "Well, you always harass me about all the stuff
I'm bringing home, so I thought that meant you wanted me to

Mr. Amazing let me know (in no uncertain terms) that indeed
he did NOT want me to stop. He also seemed to be a little
flustered, like I'd somehow be causing him to lose his place
among the elite. (Coupon Husbands... it's this whole elite group
you probably don't know much about. But if you missed the fact
that this post's title is a link to another blog where a husband wrote
about his wife's couponing skills and frugality, it's not too late to learn.
Just click on this:

See, I don't think he wants me to know (lest I get a big head...
a valid concern, I must say) that he brags to all his friends about
my superior couponing and deal-hunting maneuvers. But he does.
They all do.

I've been trying to use up some of what we'd stockpiled.
But it just might be time to head back to the store. I wouldn't
want to shame my husband, you know.

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