Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wait - I gotta keep it real..

In that previous post's title I made it sound like
I'm all organized now.

Nope, floods change lots of things. Just look at Noah.
Well, this is nothing like that, and Noah is not visible
to the naked eye at this time, so forget I mentioned it.

But I don't want you thinking I'm all changed
and really super-duper awesome at organization
now that I had some water seepage in my basement.

Nope. I'm still a loser. But things are getting a little more
organized, because we've been forced to go through things
that either DID get wet or were GOING to get wet if
we didn't move them.

These things have to get new homes, on higher shelves, in

(You know, even though it's not likely we'll have
that kind of rain again soon, I want to be sure, in case I don't
get back down there this year - or next.)

Anyway.... no miracle organizational conversion has occurred.

But don't be all up in my grill about it. I'm workin' on it, ok?

Just wanted to set the record straight. "Organized" doesn't
truly describe what's happening here.

This has been a "keepin' it real" announcement.

I'm Heather, and I approve this message. But I'm not proud of it.

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