Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lyrics, courtesy of Queen B

Queen B sings:
"Din-gle, din-gle, baby to-night with a belt on my side...."

Translation (sing with us if you can):
"I can't see me lovin' nobody but you for all my life..."


She's still talking about American Idol.
Moto K forced me to download a bunch of songs
from this season, so we've been listening to them
in the car for a month.

We've been so impressed at how Queen B can sing right
along with Jason, David C., Brooke, Carly, even Chikezie.
Who knew that all the contestants had the words wrong?

When Queen B tries to sing Carly's version of Come Together,
the "I know you, you know me, one thing I can tell you..."
comes out a bit Barney-ish:

"I know you, you know me, one thing I can tell you is
you've got to be free.... with a great big hug and a kiss
from me to you... right now....... OVER ME!"

Rock on! :>)


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Sister Happiness said...

I love that little girl! She so silly:)