Tuesday, June 24, 2008

SheSpeaks was great, and then there's my real life. :>)

Well, I haven't had even a moment to figure out what I really got out of the
conference I attended this past weekend.

Mr. Amazing was in Michigan racing his motorcycle,
and my dear friend was here with the kids.

Though he did bring home both first and second place trophies,
Mr. Amazing also brought home a sling and some pain medication,
you know... "souvenirs" from his stay in the critical care unit.

He's got broken collar bone, a few broken ribs, and a small
puncture in his left lung. Nice.
Poor thing. He's really hurting.

While Mr. Amazing sat in the hospital, I made my way through
flight delays and crazy weather from North Carolina to Michigan.
Monday was spent coming home from Michigan.
Today was today.

I'm trying to plow my way through laundry, our regular weekly
commitments, and my new "nurse" duties.

I'm sure I'll catch up and have something to say about
the conference, but right now my brain hurts.

Peace and love, my peeps.


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Sister Happiness said...

Where are you and where are your words of wisdom? Wait... are you at the lake this week?