Friday, June 6, 2008

Sit & Spin

Queen B recently discovered the Sit & Spin.

We've owned it for years, but I've managed to keep it hidden.
I believe it was purchased at a garage sale
or given to us when Moto K was just a tiny thing.

It's one of those toys you can't put away very well
without putting it somewhere out of the way
where it is forgotten.

Honestly, since it's been out I've spent at least
some of the time wishing it was still forgotten.

While I transferred clothes to the dryer from the washer
Queen B had her first few Sit & Spin rides just outside
the laundry room.

She entered the laundry room breathless...

QB: What's it called?

Me: Sit & Spin

QB: Sit & Spin & Fall Off?

Me: (chuckling) No, Sit & Spin.

QB: (determined to get this straight) Sit & Spin & Fall Off.

Me: No, just Sit & Spin.

QB: (frowing, disgusted, walking away) Well.... I fall off.


Moments later, in attempt to REALLY impress Moto K,
she decided to test the item's versatility as
a Stand & Spin.

This proved to be a bad idea, as demonstrated
by the launching of Queen B from said item into
Superman-style flight. (Great if you're a super
hero, not so great if the door frame of the laundry
room is near where your face is fixin' to land.)

I've seen newer versions of the Sit & Spin online.
They have all sorts of bells & whistles.
They don't get very good reviews, though.

Though I have no personal experience with this,
I'm going to just go ahead and say that the
new/improved versions are probably not as good
as the original.
Is it even possible to make the experience
of spinning until you want to puke better for a kid
by adding lights and sounds?

Heck, I was happy spinning while sitting on wheeled,
swiveling kitchen chairs. (Disclaimer: Spinning on
said chairs was strictly forbidden, but moms and
grandmas have to go potty or run out to the mailbox

I find this particular version most laughable.

As IF!

Simon is NOT the boss of me. I have a feeling Queen B would
have a similar point of view. Guess we'll stick with the original.

Gotta run.
Saw an ad for a garage sale down the street. Guess what they have...
swiveling kitchen chairs on wheels, baby!! :>)


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