Sunday, May 4, 2008

Advice to Little Bear from Queen B

Queen B is kicked back on the couch,
eating "hat chips" (Bugles).

She's watching Little Bear. Little Bear was supposed
to go to sleep, but he wants to see the sun come up
like Father Bear does when he's out to sea.

So Little Bear asks for a drink of water.
A goodnight kiss.
For Mother Bear to come back because he didn't kiss her BACK.

He's hot, he's thirsty, he's not sleepy....
he's got all kinds of problems.

Queen B, between chip chomps says

"Ohhhh tum on, awready!
He need to twit jat-tin' awound and doe to SLEEEEEP !"

For those who don't read phonetic Queen B speak well,

"Oh, come on already. He needs to quit jacking around and go to SLEEEEP!":>)

No-nonsense. That's Queen B. Well, there is SOME nonsense,
but mostly, no.

I think Little Bear would do well to take a lesson or two......

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Anonymous said...

LOL! I am ROLLING! I love it!