Sunday, May 18, 2008

Public Service Announcement - Big Fat Check from Ebates!

I'm getting my BIG FAT CHECK from Ebates
for just over $125.00 sometime in the next week.
In case you're wondering what I'm doing
with the $40 in Target gift cards they also sent me...
well, those have been transformed into a new
toaster oven that appears to be quite capable of incinerating
a piece of bread. I don't want to discuss it.

I do want to discuss the Ebates check thing, though. They're doing
the double sign-up bonus again. If you haven't signed up yet and would
like to do so, post a comment here so I can email my signup link to you.
(I don't use the "gonnacallit" email address for Ebates.)

It's cool. It's pretty easy... and I'm getting a big fat check.
Do you want one?

** H **

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