Sunday, May 18, 2008

Everything and Nothing to say

When I have nothing to say but insist on talking anyway,
I'm very likely to say something weird.
Or something that entertains me completely but
leaves others scratching their heads.

I've thought of a babillion things to say, then decided
against saying them because of their non-importance.

By the way.... "Babillion" is a number that is
not talked about much, on account of getting
over-shadowed by its more biggerer relative,
"Go-jillion", who is often referred to as "Ga-jillion".

Both are gi-normous numbers, and neither should be
confused with "Ba-zillion"and/or "Ga-zillion",
because those are like completely different numbers.

Right about now you're thanking God that I'm not
YOUR math teacher, right??


just skip to the next post.

** H **

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