Sunday, March 16, 2008

And the evening and the morning were the first day.

Read down there, near the bottom, where I introduce you to my doggie. I didn't ask for the pic to post here, but ....

I'm NEW at this, ok?
Hang on while I give myself a break!!!

I wasted - I mean spent - the better part of today - off & on - trying to figure out how to set this up. It shouldn't be so hard, should it? Probably a lot easier.... oh well... no one wants to hear me whine about it....

But, see, there are all these things I want to put into spaces that are too small. And so many things I want to say that keep clogging my brain.

As for what we'll be talking about in the future, I'm making a list and checking it thrice.
Why thrice, you ask? (Ok, pretend like you asked.)
Thrice, my friend, because when one obsesses about things the way I do, twice may not be enough.

The good news is, I'm just as lazy as I am obsessive. So I might get tired of being obsessive and just post about whatever comes to mind at the moment, like I'm doing now.

First thing today, I'd like to talk about none other than (drum roll, please)....

Mr. Amazing - my husband. (Clap, everyone, clap!!!)

Mr. Amazing is more than amazing. He is wonderful. Delightful, even. For just a moment, I'd like to guide your eyes to the partial dictionary entry below (I've deleted the parts that didn't suit my agenda :>). Please pay special attention to the obsolete definition as well as the synonyms listed.

1. to overwhelm with surprise or sudden wonder; astonish greatly.
2. (obsolete) to bewilder; perplex. –verb (used without object)
3. to cause amazement: a new art show that delights and amazes. –noun
4. Archaic.
[Origin: bef. 1000; ME amasen, OE āmasian to confuse, stun, astonish. See
a-3, maze]
Synonyms 1. astound, dumfound, stun, flabbergast.

See surprise. Unabridged (v 1.1)Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006.

Need I say more? (Probably not , but rest assured I will.) For now, can we just pretend I didn't say anything about him being amazing? You know, like a secret? Don't mention it. Not a peep. It's not to be talked about. Not a bit. Not even a little bit. Not a little itty bitty bit. Ok?

ANYWAY, back to Mr. Amazing:
He works hard, he plays hard, he smiles a lot.
He winks. He spreads joy to those around him. He's the funnest husband ever, I think.
He asked me to marry him, agreed to parent children with me.

Then he went out and hopped on his dirtbike, just assuming I'd follow him around
like I always had. Well, not that I ALWAYS followed him around, but... well... I have a stroller now. And a carseat. And a diaper bag. And goat's milk to keep cool. And snacks. Lots of snacks.

Now, I'm not for a second trying to say that Mr. Amazing isn't a fabulous father.
He's a wonderful father. He's the funnest dad ever. (And don't be posting to tell me "funnest" isn't a word. Like I don't already know that, yo.)

He's an AMAZING dad.

**If you were to pretend this was a piece of music, there'd be a repeat sign here. Go back to that part where I first called him Mr. Amazing. And stop just after the definition.
If you "get" wit, you'll know that was an attempt at it.
Wit, I mean. An attempt at wit. I'm ... uh... um.. AMAZING, aren't I ? **

~~~ ~~~
Moto K and Queen B - my beautiful, wonderful, awesome children. We homeschool them, because we do. Because God wants us to. And we agree about it. And it works for us.
And no, we're not worried about their social skills. So don't even ask, or we might worry about yours.

Moto K is 11 years old.
He likes fast bikes, extreme sports, loud music, screaming guitars. He bowls. He knows karate.

He specializes in smartasm. Or smarcasm. I don't know which it should be.
He's a Jesus Freak, for real. He don't need no trainin' wheels. The first day he rode a 2-wheeler (at age 2!) he was looking for something to jump.
He designs original t-shirts.
What do you want on your shirt? He can make that. (As long as it involves a Sharpie.)
If you'd like something air-brushed, you're going to have to wait. The classes were full.

Queen B is still a toddler. But that doesn't stop her.
She loves music, has a sense of humor most teenagers would give their pinky toe for, she knows the Pledge of Allegiance, her ABC's, can sing in 3 languages, and is the only one in the family with her very own passport. It's how she rolls.
I have considered myself a princess for years, but this girl is no princess.

She's not going to sit back and have royal decisions made for her. She's gonna run the show. When she plays waitress she doesn't say "May I take your order?" She stares you down (sweetly, of course) and says "Whatchu WANT ??"

Good grief! It seems I forgot to mention THE DOG!!!!
He claimed us from the humane society last spring. We weren't even going to get a dog.
*And apparently, he's now going to dominate my blog. I wasn't even going to post his picture today but I couldn't leave well enough alone, could I??

Anyway. about getting a dog.....if we did get one, it would be very small and female. And under a year old. HE was 4 years old. And not small... but not big. Definitely not female.
He was in the cages by the big dogs. And they were barking so loud I just wanted to get out of that aisle. But he kept LOOKING at us.
My son asked to see him in the little room where you meet the doggies... you know, just you and the doggie. Queen B toddled around him. He could care less.
I tried to mess with his ears, eyes, mouth - you know, to see if he was tolerant of such things. He was. I put both hands toward his head to "grab" at him... you know, to see if he was tolerant of such things. You have to be careful with a toddler. He was.
And then.... HE hugged me. He climbed up in my lap and pushed the side of himself into me, put his neck across my neck, put his head on my shoulder, sighed.... a real doggie hug. We were chosen. :>)

We named him Deegan, after the extreme moto-x guy. He doesn't really act like an extreme moto dog. That's ok. He's very mellow. But he has anxiety issues over my comings and goings.
Apparently, he'd like me to always be with him. :>) He sits in our picture window and watches me pull away in the car. I swear it looks like he's mumbling something to himself...

By the way, did you really LOOK at that picture up there, the one that's where it's not supposed to be?
Did you SEE that? We didn't at first. The neighbor girl noticed it. She said...." He has a smiley face on his butt." ? ? ?
Sure enough. My friend calls him "Happy A**" but I'm not going to say the bad word! In my photo album, that picture is entitled "Have A Nice Dog".

And, so, my first post has turned into a long, rambling thing that should have been about 4 different posts.
Thanks for reading this far.
You deserve an award. But I'm not going to give you one. :>)

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Thanks for introducing your fam H!!
You're a great blogging princess! :)