Thursday, March 20, 2008

Embarassingly Revealing?

Folks are amazed, it seems, when I talk about potentially embarassing incidents/situations/things about myself and don't feel all that embarassed about them.

Maybe they think some things that are revealed might well be left in the

(Now, don't start chewing on your nose hair. Relax. I'm not going to say anything explicit or, you know, REALLY weird here!)
You were worried though, weren't you? For just a second?

So, back to these revelations.
You might wonder ....

"WHY does she DO that!?!"

So let's talk about just a few of the many reasons, ok? Want to?

(Here's where you say "Oh, goody... let's talk about them. Yes, let's do!"
That's what Mr. Amazing would say. He says "Oh goody.." a lot when I want to discuss things.)

1) I like to make people laugh. It's fun. And I like to laugh. A whole big bunch. And I think I'm funny. Not my jokes. Well, some of them. But, I mean, I do some really wacky stuff.
Then I think....... "What?!!"

So when you're thinking "What?!!" about me, I'm not losing anything. I'm not less for it.
We're enjoying my incompetence together, you and I.
Is it not one of the wonders of God's creation that we can do so?
I was placed here for our entertainment.
How very thoughtful, Amen?

2) I know that not everyone can handle these potential embarassments like I can. Maybe, in some small way, others (who can't seem to handle feeling incompetent as well as I can) will feel slightly superior to me. And even if it's only me, it's someone. So I will have made their day. There I am again, helping us all out.. :>) he he he....

3) And, finally... I hope that someone, somewhere will glean some value from my stories... cautionary tales, if you will. "Oh, man, whatever I do, I will NEVER put on lipstick and then rub my lips together while I'm driving.... remember when Heather did that?? Oh, the horror!!!"

Sure, they laughed hysterically when I told the story. And they wondered why I shared that story aloud.
Why, oh why, didn't I keep THAT one to myself? HOW embarassing.

Why didn't I keep it to myself, you ask?

What? You'd better NOT be asking. If you are seriously asking me that, get your hiney back to the top of this post and re-read, Mister! or... or... Missy!... or .... whomever you may be!

I have to go now. I've more to say, but let's leave it for another time. Queen B has arisen and calls to me from her chamber.



queen d said...

my incompetence is superior to your incompetence!:)..... where's the embarrassing stuff? what lipstick in the car? are you just rambling to us while enjoying your own inside jokes? that would be just like you.

** H ** said...

Well... the embarassing stuff is on the way.

Note to self: Post lipstick in the car story... (sighing, shaking head...can't believe you've never heard that one...)