Thursday, March 27, 2008

Product review by Queen B

The following is Queen B's
unsolicited opinion of the efficacy of Crest Pro-Health Night rinse.
By the way... it was FREE from CVS/pharmacy due to their fabulous Extracare Bucks program. Are you familiar? Do you CVS ? Check it out! .
(Please keep in mind... Queen B is a toddler. She's brutally honest without intent of malice. In defense of the folks at Crest, this is just one toddler's opinion. Nothing more, nothing less.)
-Thursday morning, 7:00 a.m., CDST-
QB: You smell very bad.
Me: What?!?
QB: (waving fingers in front of her mouth) In here, in your mouth.

Me: You mean my breath?

QB: Yesssssssss! (contorting face to show displeasure)

Me: Well, Missy, your breath smells bad in the morning, too.

QB: No.

Me: Yeah, it does.

QB: No.... it's NOT!

Me: I used mouthwash last night. It didn't help?


Me: Well, you have a pippy (pacifier) in your mouth at night, so you don't smell good either.

QB: YES I DO! A pippy smells good. Your washwash in your mouth is BAAAD!

And then she walked away. Apparently... we were done....

con-vah-sation o-VAH!

(Talk to the left, cuz you ain't right!)

Oh... and if you're interested in more CVS info..... the link for Money Saving Mom's blog over on the left side of the page!

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