Monday, March 24, 2008

Penny Wise, Dollar Ridiculously Idiotic?

First, I'm sorry to have to do this to you... but because some of you will be in over your heads once I start this.... YES, I'm using a few made up words. Don't bother pulling out the dictionary. :>)

Mad coupon skills. I have 'em.
I brag about 'em.
I'm no Crystal Paine -LOL-. She authors one of my favorite frugal websites .... I am a Royal Pain... but not a Crystal Paine.
(Sorry, Crystal, if you should ever happen to see this...I'm not
poking fun at your name, just givin' the props
for your extensive couponness, which far exceeds my skills -
mad though they may be.)

Whilst I did dazzle and amaze myself and onlookers with my couponiacally frugal endeavors last month, I accidentally (moronically) forgot to pay a few of our bills.

I had the money.
I wasn't out of checks. I wasn't bedridden. Wasn't out of stamps. The check was not in the mail.
The dog didn't eat it. My computer didn't crash. Nobody tased me.

I just flat out FORGOT. Time got away from me.
What went wrong? What what my excuse... I mean REASON?
1) I'm a mom.
2) I'm a mom of TWO.
3) I'm a mom to THESE TWO!
4) We have a dog.
5) I had to sort coupons.
6) There were lots of coupons.

See... I've been REALLY busy. :>)

Truth is, there was no excuse. Well, there was an excuse. Just pick one. Not a reason, though.

Incompetence can be an expensive habit.

Good news is, I managed to get all the late fees reversed (thank you God... and thank you, customer service reps who had mercy on me).

I simply called and admitted my stupidity and my need for mercy right off the bat.

Most were helpful and even a little bit pleasant.

There was one lady in particular, though, who made my day.

She had no sense of humor whatsoever and/or was overwhelmed with my stellar incompetence and could not find it within herself to laugh with me about it.

Our conversation went something like this:

Me: I don't know what happened. It snuck up on me soooo fast. Was it just me, or was February REALLY short this year?!

(dead silence for a small eternity)

She (in an expressionless voice): Ma'am, this year February was one day longer.

Me: hhmmmm.... (thoughtful pause)... WELL, I guess I'd better really watch it next year, then, huh?"

She: Yes, Ma'am. I've reversed the late fee. Will that be all today?

Me: Well, not for me. I have 3 more companies to call!

She: Have a good day, Ma'am. Good-bye.

I wonder if she has a blog where she writes about all the incompetent people who call her at work.

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