Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dude, have I been, like, majorly absent, or WHAT?!

I thought the last couple of weeks were no-brainers.
Until I met this week.

We lost a friend in an accident this week.
He wasn't someone we saw on a regular basis.
The loss isn't any less, though.
A friend, a son, a husband, a dad.... and so on.....
gone before we were ready.
We're never ready to lose someone, are we?

Sending love and prayers to Jim's family.

I had two teeth pulled on Thursday. Dr. Dentist assures me that
the bridge I'm getting will completely clear up any issues I had
in this area of my mouth, and my go-jillion other little fillings
that need to be done will happily wait until January '09...
when I have more insurance money to spend.
Splendid. Fabulous. I can hardly wait.

Moto K has classes with the homeschool group for 2 more Mondays.
I'm excited for that to be over for this year.
"School" isn't over, but Mondays will be less hectic.

Oh.. did I mention that Moto K started guitar lessons this past week?
According to both his mother and his instructor, there is suspicion
that the boy is a musical genius.

We ask that you don't repeat this little tidbit
until we've been given a proper amount of time to verify.
After all, it's just suspicion at this point.

But right now, it's Saturday. We're going to a birthday party today.
Queen B insists that there will be fireworks and races there.
And that we'll be sleeping in a hotel.

Apparently, she is confusing this little jaunt to H&H's house
with a trip to Indy for motocross races.
What goes ON in the mind of a 2 year old?!?! :>)

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Meleah said...

I too have been a bit out of mind as of late. What the heck?