Tuesday, April 1, 2008

EBATES, baby!
Thanks, friends!!!!

(If you're sick of hearing about it, skip this post!)


Someone was kind enough to share the info with me.
Now it's my duty to share, dontcha know...

If you've been getting rebates all this time
and never thought to let me in on your little secret.... shame on you!!

Just a month and a half ago someone I didn't even know
went to the trouble of explaining how if I signed up for EBATES
and used her email address for referral,
then ordered at least $5 worth of something, we'd both get $10.

(Her suggestion was Old Navy... with the $5 shipping...
spend just over $5.... total just over $10...
and by May my item would be almost free.
I didn't go that route, but WHAT I purchased isn't the point here.)

Thanks to EBATES' double bonus offer that ended yesterday,
I have about $130 coming!
And several of my friends have at least $10 coming back to them!
The girl who referred me has $10 coming back to her.....
isn't this FUN?!?! :>)

My account total right now is $96.85.
And $30 in bonus Target gift cards.

Admittedly, I wouldn't have this much in my account if others hadn't signed up.

From my purchases: an Entertainment book for our area, a phone card, a pair of jeans, printer ink, a rental car when I go to Alabama, etc.... I've earned $11.

From referrals and referral bonuses,
I've "earned" about $120. In a month. From two emails.

I'm fairly certain EBATES will offer the double bonus again in the future.

But if you just gotta get started now,
email me or post a comment here
and I'll give you the email address I use for EBATES referrals.
(It's not the "gonnacallit" address.)

For those who have already joined EBATES,
whether long ago or just this month,
I'd LOVE IT if you'd post your experiences here!
Inspire us!

*When did you join?

*What are your favorite stores to shop through EBATES?

* Brag about your rebates!

* How many people have YOU told about EBATES??

Thanks for humoring me, everyone.
I have to go try and think of something funny to say now.

Love ya -
** H **

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