Saturday, April 19, 2008


Not like "this is a no-brainer"......

More like "she's a no-brainer". Meaning, "she possesses no brain".

For the past couple of weeks, I have been rendered completely
non-creative in my thinking.

I've not read, viewed, or participated in much that would
add to my comedic repertoire.

Unless you consider Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover funny.

Or the fact that I have oodles of coupons to sort and sales flyers to go through so I can get
back to saving some money. :>)

If I haven't sorted, I haven't shopped. So I haven't spent.
So money has been saved. Or so it would seem.

But just wait until there's nothing to wipe our bums with,
though, and I have to pay full price for our T.P. because I missed the sale
and let the coupons expire.
THAT, my friends, is when the paper hits the fan.

The best thing I heard today -

Queen B telling me she liked the "white car with yellow polka dots" that we had in Alabama last week. (We rented a white Mustang, and the pollen was SO bad all the cars looked like they were covered with yellow spray paint! .... BTW and FYI...... Mustangs are NOT family-friendly cars. Did I mention that?)

Oh, yeah.... Moto K sang my praises (because I forced him to, which kind of cheapened the experience) because I found $21 he'd been missing in the laundry. Guess where it was.

I just told you, dork. It was in the laundry.

Well, ok, maybe you're not a dork. But if you guessed that it was
in the bottom of the TV box we're using as a dirty clothes hamper downstairs,
you are right!
Your prize for guessing correctly is............

the satisfaction you feel for having guessed correctly!!

Now I'm going to bed. If I plan on slaying and hilariating again anytime soon,
I'm going to have to get some more rest. Or maybe I've had too much.
What to do, what to do, what to do...???


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