Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How I Feel About Coupons - Poetry


I've been keeping my coupon poetry hidden from the non-couponing world.

But over at Hot Coupon World, I've been cuttin' loose. (No cou-pun intended!)

I think maybe you're ready for a sampling.

Brace yourself, Effie.

There once was a girl
from Nantucket
who kept her coupons
in a bucket.
When she went to pay
the cashier would say
did you CUT that coupon,
or PLUCK it?
I should mention somewhere in here that I am WELL aware these are not actually that funny. I know, I know... but this is so entertaining for me. Can we keep going, just for a minute???

A girl once longed
for a coupon
to buy a jar
of Gray Poupon.
But to her dismay,
her husband did say:
"Forget mustard -
put the soup on!"

I found a coupon
in Nantucket
at the bottom of a
fish bait bucket.
It was for Colgate
that was free after rebate.
So it's not like I
could just chuck it.


You are...so weird, my dear. said...

hee hee

Meleah Davis said...

OM!! Look out!!