Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tattling on Sister Happiness, part II (Read part I first, DUH!)

So, anyway, like I was saying....

Sister Happiness had to slam on her brakes.
(You remember... it was because of that guy
who did a second yield for the purpose of
floral observation and she was none too happy
about that. Are you with me?)

With the slamming of the brakes, much to the
amazement and disappointedness of
Eggie and Meggie Happiness, who happen
to just be innocent bysitters in this unfortunate
situation, Sister Happiness yelled . . . .
" IDIOT !"
(I know, Mom and Dad, I know... I'm just as
disappointed as you are. But wait, it gets worse!)
So, yeah, about the amazement and disappointedness
of the little Happinesses... well, they told her that
IDIOT was a bad word.
But guess what she said. It wasn't good.
She said
"No, Mommy Happiness didn't say a bad word."
Then she said
"That guy's NAME is Mr. Idiot.
I was just calling him by his NAME, Mr. Idiot."
All I can say is, she might have gotten away with
it this time.... but I hope you have a talk with her.
If she keeps this up, we'll have to
change her name to Sister Blazingpants.
I don't want that, and I don't think you do either.
Please handle this right away! Do it for the children!

** H **
P.S. Some of the stuff in this story might have been
exaggerated, because I happen to have already
earned my badge for Moderate Exaggeration, so I'm
at liberty to do so. That's not at all like liaring.
It's so totally different you won't even recognize it.

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Sister Happiness said...

Perfect! I will try to mind my manners!