Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Food Allergy & Intolerance Survival Guide, Free T-shirt, and so on...

Ok, I haven't had a chance to do a whole lot of looking around on "A Momma and the Boys...." site YET, but I wanted to let you know about a couple of cool freebies I found on her site.

Look around for yourself to see what might interest you.

I signed up for the free t-shirt from ohshot.com .

Free t-shirt from ohshot.com

I have no idea what the t-shirt will say. I'm guessing it will say ohshot
but what do I know? :>)

I also am signing up for the allergy thingy from Enjoy Life Foods.
- Request Form for Food Allergy and Intolerance Survival Guide

Thanks, "Momma"

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