Saturday, April 12, 2008

Gone South - Be Back Soon!

Visiting Sister Happiness in The South. Please don't worry.

LOL - As if you were thinking of worrying.... :>)

I'll be back soon.

Moto K talked me into upgrading the car rental to a Mustang, not realizing
a) due to his age, he's still stuck in the back seat
b) even if he COULD sit up front, he'd be too short to see out the windows.
(Well, there goes a whole bunch of cool, right Moto K?)

Queen B has her own set of names for the people who live here:

She can say the given name of Sister Happiness with no trouble.
But she prefers to call her cousins Eggie and Meggie, and refers to
the husband of Sister Happiness as "Your Friend".


Having a nice relaxing time. Hope you are, too.

** H **

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Meleah said...

Eggie, Meggie and Sister Happiness miss ya! Thanks for coming.