Monday, April 28, 2008

Great idea to save money: Stay home! In theory, I love it!

I've linked the title of this post to one of my favorite
blogs to read, Money Saving Mom.

Two of my favorites, actually,


are both authored by Crystal Paine.

I love to read her helpful tips. I usually get my
shopping lists for CVS and Walgreens
from her site (some of which come from other sites....
us "frug-ies" like to share!).

Today Crystal posted about how staying home can
save you lots of money, help reduce clutter, help you
get things done, create time for you to do things you
enjoy, etc.

It was so much easier to stay home when
we lived in the middle of nowhere. But I really
should try to do it more. Crystal makes it sound like
so much fun.

Remember staying home? I think I do.
I'm glad Crystal reminded us.

Oh... and... not that anyone cares... but here's a recent
chain of events in my frugal life.

1) Someone named Crista posted on a homeschooling board
about Crystal Paine's e-book on grocery shopping savings being
discounted for that day only (back in January).

2) I checked it out... bought Crystal's e-book. Listened.
Got inspired.

3) Shopped like a madwoman, learned how to "do CVS"
and how to "do Walgreens", thus coming away with
a gigantic amount of product for not a gigantic amount of
dough! Woo hoo!

4) Got inspired some more.

5) Started reading Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover"
because Crystal was always talking about her financial
goals on Money Saving Mom.... I just had to know.

6) Got inspired some more.

7) Starting putting together a plan for the steps necessary
for us to become debt free. (It won't be a short trip.... but
at least we've begun now.)

So.... thanks, Crista... thanks Crystal...
thanks cashiers at CVS and Walgreens......
thanks God,
hello girls in the balcony,
and so on.

Love y'all.

** H **

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Anonymous said...

Dude. What a fun blog. I will be frequenting... :)